Friday, May 16, 2008

Digger Land

When i found out there was a Digger Land in England, I was half stoked, and half shattered that I was just in England like a couple months ago and didn't get to get any funny photos!

Lucas and I travelled nearly 2 hours to get a funny photo with a 'Palestine' sign, so I don't care where in England it is, I would have gone!

I still don't know how exactly you make a theme park out of big trucks that dig stuff, but respect to these guys for doing it!

Check out the link for all your Digger Land fun!


Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

cue the tool time grunts.
How can Digger Land not be fun, its all about large diesel guzzling trucks and stuff. Isn't that every guys dream?

Esky said...

Bahahaha! There are so many lame jokes I could make here... but i shall refrain.


Anonymous said...

the entry fee of $98,000 is a bit steep though..........

Esky said...

To add to the shameless self promotion (other than a soft drink called 'esky'), I found an 'Estelle st' in Oakleigh... could be fun to live there for a while.

steve said...

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