Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life as a sermon

I thought about this a couple of weeks back, and again this week as I'm preparing to speak at a local church.

I find quite often that when I'm preparing for a sermon or talk or something at church, I always find myself being extra aware of making sure that I'm 'switched on God-wise' in my preparation and planning. Obviously when you get up to preach to a group, you want your words to be inspired by God, not just your own drivel.

But as I was thinking about that the other day, I was challenged to think about why it is that it's only in those times that I'm extra aware of putting in time and effort into my spiritual life?

Particularly in the kind of work that I do, and the kind of life that I lead, most people I come in contact with with never hear me preach-my life is my sermon. The idea about God that people get from me will not be from my words but my actions.

Now obviously that is not a particularly new thought or idea really, but I guess I've been challenged lately as to what it would look like for me to really and truly live that, and what difference that should make in my life.

I once heard somebody say that you should spend at least 3 times the length of your sermon in prayer and preparation time-which in reality is a bare minimum. I don't think it's possible to spend 3 times as long as I'm with people, with God, but it certainly is a challenging thought-particularly for an extrovert like me who spends 9% of my day with people!


Randle Bond said...

whoops...posted this on the wrong article...take 2!

G'day cousin! I only wish I could be the kind of person that could survive off 5hrs sleep a night to enable more time for everything including prayer! I'm likewise preparing a sermon and feeling the pressure to reform myself before Sunday!

Essence Neal said...

That's funny! I understand that feeling! Heck I feel it when I'm merely doing a video blog. Everything turns out fine but it's still funny! It's never by our might anyhow..Just Jesus right? Truly the skin we are in and the mind that we constantly renew is a reminder of our imperfections!

Cool blog Diggity. I appreciate the realness.
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Anonymous said...

Don't under-estimate the effect of words - most of the Lord's teaching is reflected in His words. By all means, 'walk the talk', but without explanation, often actions send an unclear message.

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