Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Would Jesus have been funny?

According to an anonymous commenter, my last post was too offensive, and not something Jesus would have laughed at. I obviously disagree-but that's another issue.

This commenter aso raised the question 'Would Jesus laugh at all?' which to me is a no-brainer, as he was human and laughter is a natural human emotion/response to an emotion.

But the more intriguing (althought completely irrelevant) question is whether or not He would have been funny? It's not recorded anywhere in the Gospels-but arguing from exclusion is a poor argument anyway, but I wonder if he would have started off the Sermon On The Mount with a couple of gags? Probably not in that case, but I'd like to think in other cases he did, that he was a funny guy. Not sure why, but is just an image I like, of him cracking jokes and mucking around with the disciples.

Anyway, just an interesting thought for the day.


Carola... said...

Ok, so where it says we are made "in His image" to me means that they [being the Holy Trinity] also have a sense of humour.

If we are wallowing in self pity and focussing on ourselves, chances are we aren't very humourous and not really fun to be around.

When we have our eyes, hearts, ears, existence focussed on God and the role we play in the lives of others - then I think is when we are most like our Creator.

I love "Bruce Almighty" when "God" [Freeman] tells Bruce that He made him just the person he is for a reason [and He gets a good chuckle from listening to the things Bruce says].

If you talent is to be funny, then you were given talent for a reason. We all have our own 'mixed bag' of talents - unique and personalised to us.

I think God loves our humour! Sure, some of it could involve words like breast, but generally we dont have to 'crack a joke' to be humourous.

I hope to have a great long chat with God in Heaven about all I have done, seen, said, thought, and acted. And I will be judged - I am a sinner after all. But I hope we can still laugh at the silly things that happened.

I imagine God to be fun and with a fantastic sense of humour - he really must - look at all the clowns we know.

Anonymous said...

Humour is very important, it is one of the pure forms of entertainment. Puns and such have no down side and make life more interesting.
Like many things it can be used badly and in a harmful way, but that isn't the issue here.

I'm sure some of the things Jesus did were funny to those around him. And I'm pretty sure that some of them were intentionally funny. I'm also fairly confident that some of the things he said which made it to the final edition were laughed at by the people hearing them.

Carola... said...

^^^ Yep, what they said... ^^^

David said...

Was it funny when Jesus suffered and died? Ok, we're not supposed to laugh at that.

Although, it would probably have been reflected on as funny in a ironical sort of way. You can hear the conversation amongst the trinity now as Jesus might say:

"Isn't my creation easily fooled? I was only temporarily dead, and the suffering was really a walk in the park for a god-man combo, and although nasty enough, it doesn't compare to war-time suffering, for example. You could perhaps label my death as merely suspended animation - and the resurrection, well that was a superfluous magic trick to hang a new religion around. I mean, I make the rules, so it's all rather arbitrary anyway, isn't it? Logically, why would I need to sacrifice myself to myself to give myself permission to save people? Stupid, isn't it?"

Anonymous said...

So the bible is just the resurrection story?

I know my statement is hard to argue against because you need to prove that everything in the bible isn't funny.

The story of Zacheus is fairly humorous, I'm sure plenty of people laughed when they say Jesus chatting to a tree (or the man in it)

David said...

Question: "So the bible is just the resurrection story"

Answer: No

The point is the resurrection story is a kind of "cosmic" joke. Although the story deals with serious themes, from a human view-point, the "meta-story" might just be an example of God's sense of humour. Mainly because it doesn't make sense.

But since when was "making sense" ever a requirement for belief?

No, because God makes all the rules, the resurrection is somewhat arbitrary as well as being a too-convenient story. For example, why didn't Jesus hang around on earth for the next few millenia to teach to each new generation? I suppose that's one of the questions Christianity can't answer like "why is there something as opposed to nothing?".

Is the best explanation as a joke?

owl said...

Interesting issues. I remember my sister getting fired up over the 'Toronto Blessing' describing the laughter as 'joy'. Hebrew/Greek word studies show most biblical instances of laughter as being mocking or derisive, whilst spiritual joy is something else. Does this mean that laughter and humour is evil? Personally, I don't think so. I confess to snickering at the last line of the joke, but don't feel comfortable about spreading it.

Digger said...

I'm sorry David, but I'm really struggling to make sense of your posts here, I think I'm missing your point.

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