Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy times, but slowing down

So, clearly I haven't been on here much at all, but thats fine. Been doing lots of life stuff, but not reflecting on it much here.

Unfortunately I'm not really meant to write about what I've been mainly doing over the past month cos of media restrictions which they have to keep pretty tight (all sounds very secretive I know, but is just one of this group's things). But for those who know what I'm talking about it-it was absolutely awesome, one of the greatest things I've done, and it all went a treat.

I've also finished up my first full year as Chaplain at what is now called Somerville Secondary College, finished my studies and passed my ministry assessment panels-which menas I only have to finish a couple more subjects and I'm all done. Apparently I can chuck a Rev at the front of my name at the end of it all, but I definitely won't be using that too much!!

Christmas is a really cruisey time for me, so loving that, just trying to get a few things done before then so I don't have to stress about them.

Have been doing, and preparing for, weddings galore, which is always fun. The nest one I'm doing is for one of my really good mates, so that will me mad fun.

Am also, after much kerfuffle, going to Falls in Lorne, which I'm really looking forward to. Soo many good bands I want to see there! Tegan n Sara, the Grates, the Kooks, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Mystery Jets, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Franz Ferdinand, Soko, Lykke Li. My mate ditched me, but have managed to find a fair few randoms I know that are going-will be mad fun!