Monday, June 29, 2009

Prospects for Peace in the Middle East

Have been at a fascinating conference today about the whole middle east situation, has been fascinating.
A whole lot of speakers giving both sides of the story with regards to each of the different countries and conflicts, which was great to hear the counterpoints.

Fascinating too for me as an impartial observer to the conflicts, and hearing about why and how so many people are so passionate about it. Am feeling like I've got my head around some aspects of the whole situation too which was the main aim. It's such a massive thing in the world, is good to be somewhat informed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

JJJ Hottest 100 of all time

After weeks and weeks of deliberating, and a couple of final changes, this is what I came up with for JJJ's Hottest 100 of all time...

U2-I still haven't found what I'm looking for
Incubus-Are you in?
Stevie Wonder-Superstition
Mark Ronson-Valerie
John Farnham-You're the voice
Bon Jovi-Living on a prayer
Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah
Pearl Jam-Betterman
Ben Harper-Steal My Kisses

Near misses:
MJ-Billie Jean
The Verve-Bittersweet Symphony
Grinspoon-Minute by Minute
Bon Iver-Skinny Love
John Butler-Losing You
Metallica-Enter Sandman
Phil Collins-In the air tonight
Beatles-Come together
Damien Rice-Blowers Daughter

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prevenient Grace

I was listening to some people pray the other day, and a lot of them started 'God, please be with us...' and I thought, hang on, something's wrong here...

Most Christians would indeed affirm God's everywhereness (omnipotence), that God is with us all the time, but so many words of our prayers would say we disagree.

I think the problem is that many of us know in our heads that God is with us all the time, but don't know and feel it in our spirit. Why else would we always be asking God to be with us.

I always try to pray 'God, please make me aware of your presence' 'make me realise you're here with me' 'help me to switch on to what you're already doing in the world around me'

One of my biggest theological convictions is that ministry should be about us getting on board with what God is already doing, not just doing stuff and asking God to bless it. God is always 2 steps ahead of us, prevenient grace-it's a good thing.