Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interesting little article

So it's pretty much been a billion years since I last posted, but I came across the above link, some of which I've put below on Mark Sayers' blog which I am really enjoying reading, as I do with all of Mark's stuff.

LILY Allen, who became a star when millions found her quirky pop tunes on MySpace, is taking two years off to beat her addiction to . . . technology.

Allen has recorded frequently on Facebook, Twitter and her blog.

But, after releasing her second album -It's Not Me, It's You - the 24-year-old ditched Twitter with a final message: "I am a neo-Luddite, goodbye."

She said: "I just had this revelation that Facebook, blogging, all those things were becoming a total addiction.

"I'd be with my boyfriend or my Mum and they'd have just got half of me.

"So I put my BlackBerry, my laptop, my iPod in a box and that's the end.

"I won't use email. I play records on vinyl. I don't blog. I've got more time, more privacy. We've ended up in this world of unreal communication and I don't want that. I want real life back."